What is a regulatory reset?

As electricity distribution businesses, CitiPower, Powercor and United Energy are regulated according to five-year regulatory periods. This process is referred to as the revenue determination or regulatory reset, and is governed by the National Electricity Rules and administered by the Australian Energy Regulator.

We are currently planning for the 2021-2025 regulatory reset.

What is a Tariff Structure Statement?

Like the regulatory reset process, our Tariff Structure Statements go through a formal process of assessment. The assessment determines our revenue for the regulatory period.

We are currently planning for the 2021-2025 Tariff Structure Statement.

Who determines whether your Regulatory Reset and Tariff Structure Statement meets the needs of customers?

The Australian Energy Regulator assesses our Regulatory Proposals within the National Electricity Rules as part of the regulatory reset process.

Why have you started planning now for 2025?

Our Regulatory Proposals are due to the Australian Energy Regulator in July 2019. While it seems like a long time to plan, we need to take into account a range of complex considerations as well as the needs of our customers and stakeholders. This includes a process to seek feedback and incorporate it into our decision making.

What are energy future scenarios?

They are a range of credible pathways for the future of energy in our networks to 2025. They reflect the possible sources of, and demands for electricity in the future, and the implications of this for our network.

There are many considerations when it comes to developing our energy future. What we input into the modelling to create possible scenarios are the building blocks of our economic and operational forecast, which will ultimately underpin our Regulatory Proposals.

Why do you need to model energy futures?

The scenarios are used within CitiPower, Powercor and United Energy network and operability planning and developing our Regulatory Proposals. The scenarios are also used across our business to driving innovations and support decision making.

How do you develop energy futures?

Every year we engage hundreds of stakeholders through workshops, bilateral meetings and webinars. The information we gather supports and inputs into our load forecasting modelling.

What is my role in an energy future?

As we prepare our Regulatory Proposals we want to talk to our customers and stakeholders about energy, in particular electricity and the way we manage and invest in our networks.

We want to understand what value our customers and stakeholders place on energy, and more specifically electricity and the way it is delivered across our network.

Where possible we want to work with customers and stakeholders to understand possible scenarios and outcomes so that we can make better decisions about how to manage the network efficiently with the principle of delivering lower costs to customers while investing in the future.

How can I get involved?

Customers and stakeholders are the starting point for our Regulatory Proposals.

Feedback builds on our knowledge and discusses many factors in managing the network – the risks and influences we need to manage, the many options available to us and how we can make the best choices for all customers and stakeholders.

We’re encouraging people to join the conversation by: