Energised 2021–2025

What is Energised 2021–2025?

A plan to meet the needs of our customers and the network now and into the future. Find out more


energised 2021-2025

Shared energy future

We manage networks that supply diverse customers who use, store and generate electricity differently. Our role is to plan for a shared energy future that meets the needs of these customers and the communities they live in. Find out more

Regulatory reset

Every five years the Australian Energy Regulator determines the revenues we can charge based on the expected costs to be incurred during a regulatory control period. This process is referred to as the regulatory determination process, or reset. Find out more

Network pricing

Our pricing structures aim to reduce long-term average charges for using our network by promoting efficient network investment and utilisation. Read more about our plans for pricing in 2021-2025.


Advisory panel

We are bringing together our customers and stakeholders to better understand their diverse views so that together we can drive and embrace changes underway in the energy market. Read about our members